I am so excited to be able to share this image with you! It is a shot that I have been after for quite some time, ever since I first started on astrophotography and realised that something like this was even possible. I have had to wait several months to be able to get this one, having to wait for the right conditions, end of winter being the best time, plus no moon and no clouds! As it was nearing the end of winter and I still hadn't had a moon-less or cloud-less sky, I was starting to get worried that I may have had to wait until the next winter to get my dream Milky Way bow image.

It is only listed up to a size of 60x30" but I can easily arrange for this to be blown up to a 3x1.5m image, use my "Contact" page to enquire. This is truly one stunning image!
*Note: This image is a 2:1 format panoramic and it unfortunately does not show this in the preview. To see the full image please view it in my Gallery, under Panorama.


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