This is possibly one of my favourite images, for the colour and the reflection but also because of the composition. In most of my compositions I do try to get something out of the ordinary. I have a desire to take a typical beautiful landscape and try to show it from an angle that most would not look at it from. I have a penchant for taking images from a low angle and this is the image that started it all for me. Taking this image, I had a vision in my mind of how I wanted it to look, I wasn't sure if it had worked at all until I got home and viewed it on my large screen and so the low angle obsession began!
This image is available on luster, as well as metallic. Metallic is one of my favourite mediums to view an image on and I highly recommend it. Pair it with acrylic and it is seriously special!
*Note: This image is a 5:4 format and it unfortunately does not show this in the preview. To see the full image please view it in my Gallery, under Waterscapes.

The Quiescent

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